The updated 4A Policy

The completely revised and updated 4A Policy – essentially what we do not allow in the 4A groups – can be found on the 4A website at .

The 4A Policy is the first point of reference for our attitude and method of dealing with racists, spammers, scammers, miss-posters, trolls and other troublemakers.

At 4A we are committed to the ‘Family of Friends‘ concept, and we work hard to keep our groups free of the above.

We also believe that true animal lovers are not just dog lovers, or just lovers of specific breeds of dogs, cats, etc. – but are concerned with other very important animal abuse issues, such as bear bile farming, vivisection, the seal slaughter, the evil foie gras industry, the extremely evil ‘sport’ of trophy hunting, the fur trade, factory farming, and many more. Unfortunately the list of different types of abuse towards our fellow creatures is extensive. I haven’t even yet mentioned bull-fighting, dog-fighting, the vast slaughter of dolphins, sharks and whales, badger baiting and culls…

There is a 4A group for most animal abuse issues. Please join them and show your support.

Many thanks – Dave.


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