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Internet Marketing can be used for many good things. So can social networks like Facebook.
In addition to my love of animals and my interest in animal rights and welfare is my belief in the freedom of being your own boss, and not only to be able to run your own business, but, depending on your niche, having the convenience of working from home.

If you are in the business of providing information via the internet, for example, you carry no stock, and you don’t actually need business premises, and probably will never need any staff. As one who has had the hassle of negotiating leases on premises in the past, I am only too aware of the worry and stress of being tied in to a lease for years on end.
Two words, “Never again” .

Having also worked for several companies in the 40 years since the day I walked out of school for the last time, I’ve never worked for one yet that didn’t exploit its staff.  A person leaves one institution, whether it be a school, college or university, and if they are ‘lucky’ enough they walk straight into another. When you become an ’employee’ of most companies you are doing one thing; you are agreeing to work your butt off to make someone else rich, or richer. You are agreeing to work for, in most instances, a fixed salary, limited holidays, etc. and you are pledging to be there within the hours that they want, wear the uniform that they want. and to carry out the tasks that they want, or else.  It’s not for everyone. Many people want more flexibility and freedom than that, but the bills have to be paid.

When I left school 40 years ago there was no such thing as the internet as we know it now. If there had been my working career would have been totally different. Having met both of the mothers of my two children through my old career in the travel industry I have no regrets about that part of it, otherwise I wouldn’t have the son and daughter I have today, but 40 years on school/college/university leavers have a new choice; that of starting an internet-based business, with a GLOBAL market of around TWO BILLION people. was setup by me to help people to learn how to make a career in Internet Marketing. Please visit the website for further information. – Dave.


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