Action Against Animal Abuse (4A) is a network of nearly 70 animal rights and welfare groups and pages on Facebook, to which all animal lovers are invited to join, and also to add their animal loving friends to. There are also groups dedicated to vulnerable humans (4A-AAVH) and our planet (4A-SOPE). A full list of these groups and the direct links to them (providing you are a member of, and signed into, Facebook) are as follows :


4A – Action Against Animal Abuse (www.facebook.com/groups/4A.org)

4A – Asia (www.facebook.com/groups/4A.Asia)
4A – Europe (www.facebook.com/groups/4A.Europe)
4A – North America (www.facebook.com/groups/4A.North.America)
4A – UK & Republic of Ireland (www.facebook.com/groups/4A.UKRI)

4A – Against the Abuse of Performing Animals (www.facebook.com/groups/4A.AAPA)
4A – Against the Abuse of Vulnerable Humans (www.facebook.com/groups/4A.AAVH)
4A – Against Badger Culls (www.facebook.com/groups/4A.ABC)
4A – Against Bear Bile Farming (www.facebook.com/groups/4A.ABBF)
4A – Against Breed Specific Legislation (www.facebook.com/groups/4A.ABSL)
4A – Against Cat Abuse Worldwide (www.facebook.com/groups/4A.ACAW)
4A – Against Cruel Sports (www.facebook.com/groups/4A.ACS)
4A – Against Dog Abuse Worldwide (www.facebook.com/groups/4A.Dogs)
4A – Against Dog Fighting (www.facebook.com/groups/4A.ADF)
4A – Against Equine Abuse (www.facebook.com/groups/4A.AEA)
4A – Against Factory Farming (www.facebook.com/groups/4A.AFF)
4A – Against Foie Gras (www.facebook.com/groups/4A.AFG)
4A – Against the Illegal Wildlife Trade (www.facebook.com/groups/4A.AIWT)
4A – Against Trophy Hunting (www.facebook.com/groups/4A.ATH)
4A – Birds, Bats, Bees & Butterflies (www.facebook.com/groups/4A.BBBB)
4A – Causes and Petitions (www.facebook.com/groups/4A.CAP) (group)
4A – Causes and Petitions (www.facebook.com/4A.Causes) (page)
4A – Fur is for Animals (Stop the Fur Trade) (www.facebook.com/groups/4A.FIFA)
4A – Protect Australian Wildlife (www.facebook.com/groups/4A.PAW)
4A – Protect Marine Life (www.facebook.com/groups/4A.PML)
4A – Protect Our Bears (www.facebook.com/groups/4A.POB)
4A – Protect Our Dolphins (www.facebook.com/groups/4A.POD)
4A – Protect Our Primates (www.facebook.com/groups/4A.POP)
4A – Protect Our Reptiles (www.facebook.com/groups/4A.POR)
4A – Protect Our Wildlife (and Endangered Species) (www.facebook.com/groups/4A.POW)
4A – Rabbits, Rodents & Similar Animals (www.facebook.com/groups/4A.RRSA)
4A – Save Our Elephants (www.facebook.com/groups/4A.SOE)
4A – Save Our Orangutans (www.facebook.com/groups/4A.SOO)
4A – Save Our Pangolins (www.facebook.com/groups/4A.SOP)
4A – Save Our Planet Earth (www.facebook.com/groups/4A.SOPE)
4A – Save Our Rhinos (www.facebook.com/groups/4A.SOR)
4A – Save Our Seals (Stop the Slaughter) (www.facebook.com/groups/4A.SOS)
4A – Save Our Wild Felines (www.facebook.com/groups/4A.SOWF)
4A – Save Our Wolves (www.facebook.com/groups/4A.SOW)
4A – United Against Vivisection (www.facebook.com/groups/4A.UAV)
4A – Worldwide Abattoir Watch (www.facebook.com/groups/4A.WAW)

4A – Animal Garden of Remembrance (www.facebook.com/groups/4A.AGR)
4A – Animal Rights Chat (www.facebook.com/groups/4A.ARC)
4A – Cat Rescue CrossPostings (www.facebook.com/groups/4A.CRCP)
4A – Cat Welfare & Discussion Group (www.facebook.com/groups/4A.Cats)
4A – Classified Ads (www.facebook.com/groups/4A.Ads)
4A – Crime Busters (page) (www.facebook.com/4A.Crimebusters)
4A – Debates and Discussions (www.facebook.com/groups/4A.DADs)
4A – Disabled Animal Rescue Crosspostings (www.facebook.com/groups/4A.DARC)
4A – Good News & Rescue Stories page (www.facebook.com/4A.Good.News)
4A – Good News & Rescue Stories group (www.facebook.com/groups/4A.GNRS)
4A – Group & Page Links (non-4A) (www.facebook.com/groups/4A.GPL)
4A – Let’s Save Some Lives (page) (www.facebook.com/4A.LSSL)
4A – News (www.facebook.com/groups/4A.News)
4A – Notice Board (www.facebook.com/groups/4A.Notices)
4A – Rescue CrossPostings (www.facebook.com/groups/4A.RCP)
4A – Rescue CrossPostings : Europe (www.facebook.com/groups/4A.RCPE)
4A – Rescue CrossPostings : UK (www.facebook.com/groups/4A.RCPUK)
4A – Senior Animal Rescue Crosspostings (www.facebook.com/groups/4A.SARC)
4A – Urgent Cat Rescue Crosspostings (www.facebook.com/groups/4A.URC)
4A – Urgent Dog Rescue Crosspostings (www.facebook.com/groups/4A.URGENT)
4A – Urgent Rescue Crosspostings Page (www.facebook.com/4A.URGENT)
4A – Vegan Friends : Help & Advice (www.facebook.com/groups/4A.Vegan)

4A – Friends : Music Chat (www.facebook.com/groups/4A.FMC)
4A – The Chat Room (www.facebook.com/groups/4A.Chat)
4A – The Humor Room (www.facebook.com/groups/4A.Humor)
4A – The Photo Gallery (www.facebook.com/groups/4A.Pics)

4A – Only COWARDS Kill Animals (page) (www.facebook.com/4A.OCKA)


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