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 Hello ! For those that don’t know me, I am the Co-Founder of a network of about 70 animal rights and animal welfare groups and pages on Facebook, called
Action Against Animal Abuse, known as 4A.
Our main group is at :

In addition, our off-Facebook website is here, at :
www.ActionAgainstAnimalAbuse.com .
An invitation to join our groups is here :
www.ActionAgainstAnimalAbuse.com/Invite .
Just click on the applicable banner and you will be re-directed to that group or page providing you are already logged into Facebook.



mmh logo 20131110a 300150 06afe4I am also the Founder of Make Money Honestly.com (www.MakeMoneyHonestly.com) which is an internet marketing website that helps people who want to learn how to make a career in Internet Marketing,
working from home, and being their own boss.


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